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Shnat Hachshara

Shnat is Hashomer Hatzair's leadership gap year program which aims to give tools and knowledge to our Bogrim*ot to lead the youth movement and build their hagshama paths, This is a unique experience to discover Israel, oneself and make friends from the World movement.




"Effective Leader" program
Программа «Эффективный Лидер»

Eager to become a leader in a Russian-speaking Community and get to know Israel at the same time? This might be the right program for you.



Achvat Amim

Achvat Amim, or Solidarity of Nations, is a unique program based in Jerusalem that focuses on creating positive social and political change in Israel through activism and education.

Elly Oltersdorf


Maslul Nitzan

Maslul Nitzan is a path for Olim and Olot who are joining the IDF and want to do it with a close group, living on a Kibbutz in the center of the country and taking meaningful first Israeli steps together.

Shanna Orlik

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