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Faces of Resistance:

Women in the Holocaust

לוחמות שהוצאו מהבונקר בווארשה.tif

"Jewish women at that time wrote

 a glorious page in the history books."

- Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum (1900-1944)


The Faces of Resistance exhibit was created to give expression to the voices of Jewish women during the Holocaust. Emanuel Ringelblum, the renowned historian from the Warsaw ghetto, recognized women's unique role in the resistance when he wrote that "Jewish women at that time wrote a glorious page in the history books." These insightful words are the motto of the exhibit.

We chose a variety of stories and identities, who reveal the amazing lives of female heroines from different origins, languages, and cultures. from central Europe to the Balkans, from the fighting organizations to the survival of woman prisoners in the Nazi camps, from traditional families to secular, Zionist and Communist. We tried to emphasize also the unfamiliar, the unfamiliar and untold story of LGBTQ+ people during the war.

The female figures on display in this exhibit (some of whom are not Jewish) are also representative of other women who, during this horrifying period, continued to educate, to help, to rescue, to fight, and to risk their lives for the sake of others and for the dignity of the Jewish people. It is only fitting that we breathe life into their memory, recount their deeds and their heroism, and once again incorporate them into the living and breathing circle of the remembered.

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